Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Sounds like a weird greeting to me, as Memorial day is about honoring our war dead. Society it seems has all but forgotten, that this weekend is not about the first summer weekend, swimming and picnics. It is about honoring those who served and paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

Remember to thank a soldier if you see one. They serve so we might be free.


Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

I saw several news stories yesterday; about organizations that provide trips for veterans ... even some of them from Iraq. The WWI and WWII vets are NOW wanting to tell their stories. When HL's brother came home, he would not talk about it; but one day when Sissy was visiting him when he was home alone, he brought out some picture albums ... and told her stories about each picture. How wonderful she found that; but they always did have a special bond; he was her godfather ... and loved her and Annie so dearly.
I was at a funeral standing behind a man with lots of tattos ... and in a leather jacket which had a message 'I am a Vietnam Vet'. After services were over ... I tapped him on the shoulder ... and said 'thank you'. He said 'what for?'
He was a big man ... but I said anyway 'if you jacket is telling the truth; I appreciate what you did for our country'. He grinned ... and said 'thank you to mam; I have worn this jacket many time for years, and you are the first stranger that ever said that to me'. Then ... with pride on his face ... he said 'I did 3 tours'. I knew many who did that; and a cousin-in-law ... sprayed with agent orange ... is now suffering terribly with the aftermath ... and so are his children ... born after the a-o episode. May GOD have mercy on all our troops; and bring many of them home safely. Nothing moves me like the wounded ones, getting on with their lives.
DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy

Christine Trollinger said...

Yep! So many people seem to be blind. Glad you thanked him. I know it meant a lot to him.