Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Story in CSFS Series.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned From the Dog

101 Stories about Life, Love, and Lessons

Dogs have always been considered companions and playmates that brighten and enrich our lives but they are also wonderful and amazing teachers. The lessons we learn from our canine friends come in all shapes and sizes, just like they do. In this book, dog lovers share what they have learned from our greatest heroes and healers. Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Dog will delight readers with humorous, heartwarming, and inspiring stories about lessons our canine friends and family members have taught us.

On Sale Date: 9/22/09

My Story is Titled "Bargain" (Original Title was "A Mutt Named GYP." It is about my Dog who I had named "Chip." I got Chip when I was eight years old from my Great Aunt Kitty while on a spring vacation in 1955. My Dad called him "GYP" (as in worthless,) because he loved to chase the chicken's ( and unfortunately killed a few) as well as chasing our cattle. That is a bad trait for a farm dog. But he was the best medicine a shy and soon to be crippled eight year old could ever receive on that spring vacation, before Polio struck and turned my world upside down.