Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lent! Or how to avoid Fish!

The hardest part of Lent for me is going without BEEF! Chicken is no big deal, but giving up my BEEF drives me crazy. I loath and detest Fish! Tomorrow I will indulge in something which is usually a side dish for Lenten Fish meals.And thankfully it is easy and tasty.

For all you fellow Fish Haters out there...ENJOY!

Fried Macaroni.

1 lb Macaroni 1/4 lb Margarine or butter
3 c Water; (up to 4) 3 Eggs
1/2 ts Salt 1 1/2 c Cheddar cheese; shredded
Instructions for Fried Macaroni and Cheese
Cook macaroni in water and the salt until tender. Drain. In a large skillet, heat the butter or margarine, pour the well drained macaroni into the skillet. Beat the eggs as for scrambled, pour this over the macaroni. Fry on medium heat. Add the shredded cheese over the top and cook until the eggs, macaroni, and cheese are all blended and a golden brown on both sides.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday! Finding True Gold in a Bank Vault!

My former pastor Father John Giacopelli, who retired in 1992,once told me about his first Ash Wednesday experience after his retirement, in New Jersey where he retired to. He was originally from NY, but had spent his active ministry years in our diocese. Today, contemplating this Ash Wednesday, and how it is the beginning of our time for cleaning our spiritual homes, I once again got a chuckle from the memory of Father John's story.

Father John was one of those priests who people were naturally drawn to. Even in retirement, he never left the house without wearing his clerical suit and his Roman collar. On this particular Ash Wednesday, he decided to stop by the bank on his way to visit the local nursing home after having attended Mass. Along with his clerical garb, this day he sported the Ash Wednesday ashes on his forehead.

As he approached the teller, she exclaimed: “Oh! My goodness today must be Ash Wednesday. I have not been to church in years! Father, could you hear my confession? “

Father John…never one to miss an opportunity to bring in the stray sheep, of course said; “Sure, is there a quiet place where we can go for your confession?” The woman thought for a minute, and said:”We can use the bank vault.”

So, off they both went to the bank vault for confession. Father John related as how that was not the end of the story though. When they had finished and exited the bank vault, there was a line of about twenty bank employees, including the President of the bank…waiting to have their confession heard.

The rich symbolism of Ash Wednesday still reverberates across the centuries to this present day. May you all have a beautiful cleansing Lent, and everyday experience the Love and Forgiveness of Our Heavenly Father. Chances are you will not find such riches in a Bank Vault, but who knows...with God anything is possible.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! R.I.P.

My beloved Father went home to the Lord 24 years ago today. May he be in Heaven these many years watching over us all. I miss you still. You will always be my "Hero."

May you rest in the company of the saints,
and your sons and daughters with them.

Leaba imeasc na naomh go raibh acu
agus ag an chlann mac is iníon atá leo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Candlemas Day!

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow...So he thinks there is six more weeks of winter. Phooey on him.

It is a bright and beautiful day here...OH! Dear!

If Candlemas Day be fair and bright
Winter will have another fight.
If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain,
Winter won't come again.

If Candlemas Day be dry and fair,
The half o the winter's to come and mair;
If Candlemas Day be wet and foul,
The half o the winter's gane at Yule.

That means 6 more weeks of winter too. But then, spring shall come again, when the Good Lord decides it will.

Meantime...Happy Candlemas day! Don't forget to light a candle and have a blessed day.