Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! R.I.P.

My beloved Father went home to the Lord 24 years ago today. May he be in Heaven these many years watching over us all. I miss you still. You will always be my "Hero."

May you rest in the company of the saints,
and your sons and daughters with them.

Leaba imeasc na naomh go raibh acu
agus ag an chlann mac is iníon atá leo.


Esther said...

"Remembering" your dad with you and sharing your sentiments...

How wonderful to have a fantastic dad!

(What a beautiful version of Danny Boy!)

Leslie K. said...

May he pray for us...we NEED his prayers!

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

I share you pain; memories; and my dad has been gone ... 55 years, last week. With 2 beautiful great-granddaughters ... and our Annireeeeee ... gonna git us another (probably boy) ... I often wonder ... Daddy, are you watching your decendants grow. I was only 13 ... so he saw none of my down line. But ... you know what ... I am Praising the LORD ... that Mama did (most of them) and that HL and I are still here to heap so much love on them. Merci, ma cherie ... for bringing this good memory back into my front lobe.
DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy

Anonymous said...

i know father capodanno's living brother. email me at i am sure he would like to hear from you.