Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy Days...Finally got over writers Block.

I have another of my short stories which was accepted for September Publication in Chicken Soup for the Soul "What I learned from the dog!"

Now there was a subject I could sink my teeth into. I have had lots of special dogs in my life, but Old Gyp was one of those Marlie type mutts. He definately had wiley ways and was lovable even when he was being a totally out of control canine. Of course I did not put in the part about how he ended up dying of LEAD poisoning. Gyp unfortuneatly had a bad habit of killing chickens and a farmer decided to take Gyp into eternity. Farm dog he was not. But he was my best buddy when I was 8 years old.

Of course my Gabby, is another out of control canine, but then she is spoiled.

And finally I got a new photo taken. Absolutely hate the preview so I doubt I will buy any. They messed it up...I look nothing like Ann Margaret in the picture they took. I have no idea who that old lady is they claim is me.


Leslie K. said...

Pass the botox, sistah...I am concerned about the weird old lady who keeps showing up in my bathroom, staring at me as I put on makeup....

Christine Trollinger said...

Must be the same one that is stalking me. I say we need to send her over to someone elses house. LOL!

She is an old crone for sure.